New York City's Only Luxury Private Tattoo Studio

Snow tattoo is a private luxury tattoo studio that is located in Tribeca, New York that provides original tattoos for their clientele. Snow Tattoo is owned by Sarah Gaugler, a Filipino-American fine artist who is one of the rare tattoo designers to have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Snow Tattoo is one of the best reviewed and highest ranking tattoo studio in New York. 

Snow Tattoo studio is so much different from the conventional tattoo studio in New York. The chairs are comfy; the atmosphere serene, the lightning perfect, and Sarah personality has been confirmed to gracefully appealing. Sarah has been in the business of tattooing since 2008 making it for her a career of more than 10 years. She is specialized in Fine Line, illustrations, surrealism and cross-hatching. A few years into her career, Sarah gained a lot of fame for her ability to express her art in the tattoo form.

Snow Tattoo since its inception has managed to find its way into the hearts of ink enthusiasts who will go any length to get the perfect tattoo and exceptional illustration work. Snow Tattoo is known for its customized designs.

With more and more tattoo houses springing up like weeds, it is hard to find one that will be able to give you an original tattoo that you will love, and something that will define your personality. That is the beauty of Snow Tattoo, on your arrival, you give Sarah your idea and a theme to work with then watch her tweak it till it suits your vision. A client might also decide to have Sarah tweak an already existing design until it acquires that sense of uniqueness.

Because of her all these factors, Sarah is in high demand by clients in the tattooing world. People who have an intention to visit snow to get designs usually book an appointment ahead of time. There is an ever-increasing waitlist composing of potential clients. Here are some reasons why it’s worth the wait:

• Originality: Sarah is known for the originality of her tattoo designs. All her clients have to do is to come up with an idea, a theme or a concept and feed them to Sarah. She does the illustration on the same day as the appointment and produces something insanely unique.

• Customer Service:  The customer service over there at Snow Tattoo is splendid. You are treated almost like royalty.

• Class: Snow Tattoo is one of the best reviewed and highest ranking art studios in New York that has been featured in New York Times and Harper’s Bazaar.

• Sarah’s Vast Wealth of Exposure: In case you didn’t know, Sarah is also an actress, rock artist, designer, and model. She is a rare breed of talent and exposure. You need to meet someone like this once.

• Sarah’s Personality: Sarah is a very humble and down to earth personality that is willing to spend her time not only marking your body but getting to know you.

• Work Experience: With the over ten years of experience Sarah has under her sleeves, she would be a sure bet to provide you with the best and most unique tattoos.

• The privacy of Snow Tattoo: The environment of Snow Tattoo is so unlike any other around New York. There are no random people hanging around or loud music banging the wall. There are no disturbances or walk-ins. Everything there is set up in consideration of the client.

• Inspiration: Sarah’s studio is filled with inspirational art pieces so if you decide to arrive without an idea in mind, there is a lot you can inspire yourself with and select from.

• Making Connections: Because of her high placing, Sarah receives a lot of celebrities on a daily basis. You might never know who you could bump into on your arrival there.

• Finally, Snow Tattoo Studio is New York City’s only luxury private tattoo studio.  

Making an appointment with Sarah’s studio is one of the best decisions you will ever make if you ever need a tattoo; For the art, and for the amazing experience.