A Look at Sarah Gaugler and Snow Tattoo Studio, the Best New York Tattoo Studio


Getting a tattoo means different things to different people. The kind of artist you choose dictates the results you get. In New York, finding a Private tattoo studio that gives custom designs, and detail oriented tattoos is not that easy, and this is where Sarah Gaugler comes in.

Who is Sarah Gaugler?

Having been tattooing fine lines for over 10 years, Sarah Gaugler is a tattoo expert from the Philippines who owns the Snow Tattoo studio, located in Tribeca, New York.

Why getting a tattoo from her is worth the wait?

• Only Luxury Tattoo studio in New York City

• The highest ranking tattoo studio on Google

• A place you can get custom designed tattoos.

• Gaugler’s repertoire includes healing tattoos, meaningful tattoos, and botanical tattoos among others customer design tattoos.

• Specializes in anything from thick, fine lines tattoo, nostalgic images, detail oriented tattoos and much more

• Has over 10 years of experience

• She can create abstract, minimalist skin art, unusual subjects or innovative line structures.

•The tattoos are just gorgeous.


To start you off, you have the opportunity to sit down with her to discuss your design. Once you have a booking, prior to your appointment, her assistant sends you a checklist to guide you for your preparation before the appointment. That’s how much she cares for her clients. She even goes an extra mile and advises her clients on what parts of the body to are best get tattoos on and those to avoid, depending on the design.

When choosing a tattoo artist, the price won’t be your first option to consider. One mustn’t risk quality and design, especially if it is going to be on your skin permanently. The design & style, the artist background, accreditation, expertise and technicality when executing a tattoo design is what counts. Sarah Gaugler is all this and much more. With a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and over 10 years of experience, she is by far the best in the industry and Snow Tattoo Studio the Best New York Tattoo Studio. The studio is featured in NY Times Feature, Harpers Bazaar Features and other magazine features. The custom, signature designs by Sarah Gaugler are for anyone looking something unique and different.