Snow Tattoo is located in TriBeCa New York

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Tattoo Requests

Tattoos by Sarah Gaugler are designed on the same day of the tattoo appointment. With attention to detail, this allows her to measure you with precision and render your design with accuracy based on your aesthetic and natural anatomical flow and structure.

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Other Inquiries 

Sarah is not only a tattoo artist extraordinaire, but also an illustrator, visual artist, model and musician. With all her multifaceted talent, she is open to commissioned artworks and designs, collaborations, exhibitions & more.

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Pre Tattoo Instructions:

You want your skin to be in top condition!

1. Hydrate. Drink plenty of water beginning from one to two weeks leading up to your tattoo session. Staying well hydrated makes your skin more resilient, which will allow the tattooing process to achieve optimum results, and will help you heal faster after your tattoo session.

2. Moisturize. As you should hydrate your skin from the inside by drinking water, it is best to keep your skin hydrated  from the outside with moisturizer. Hydration is what allows skin to function at peak performance. Skin cells in this condition can rapidly repair themselves and turnover fresh cells, leading to best results for your tattoo.

3. Shave. Shave the area where you will be tattooed to provide the smoothest possible surface to work on. If you aren’t used to shaving, ask someone you know who shaves regularly for assistance. 
Do not wax the area to be tattooed two weeks prior to your appointment. Your skin needs time to heal after a wax before you can get a tattoo.

4. Rest and Eat. Make sure you are well rested, and properly nourished before your tattoo session. Do not under estimate the power of being well rested and nourished, this will greatly help you endure the procedure of undergoing any tattoo session, big or small! 

The Day of Your Session You Should:

  • Be Well Rested and Nourished. Make sure to have a full meal before your tattoo appointment. If you have a big-piece tattoo, please bring snacks and drink for your comfort during the tattoo session.

  • Come Alone. While most tattoo shops will let you bring a friend or significant other to share the big moment, it generally isn’t advised to bring people who aren’t there to get tattooed themselves.

  • Shower and be clean. Tattooing is a process wherein the epidermis of the skin will be pierced and wounded. Please note that we do our best to provide a clean enviorment and use only sterile disposeable equipment for your tattoo. It is important that you are clean as well to avoid any chance of cross-contamination.

  • Dress Appropriately. Dress comfortably and appropriately. Prepare for a long session and dress accordingly. Avoid tight and constricting clothing. Pay some mind to where you will be getting tattooed and make sure the clothing you wear leaves the area easily accessible.

  • Bring a Reference Materials. Bring reference images as inspiration photos to help assist your artist in the direction you would like her to design your custom tattoo, the more the better.

  • Be Sober. Do not consume alcohol 24 hours prior your tattoo session! Do not use any numbing balms or topical creams on the area being tattooed on the day you are getting the tattoo. This may affect the quality of your skin and the quality of work that the artist may achieve. Never use drugs or alcohol to numb the pain as they can lead to various complications and jeopardize your safety and the quality of your tattoo. You may not get tattooed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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