Snow Tattoo is now located in Chelsea, Manhattan NYC. (Regarding MNL inquiries, our specific date for our future return is indefinite. Keep in touch via instagram and facebook for announcements and kindly let us know if you will be in New York, as well.)

Tattoo Requests

Tattoos by Sarah Gaugler are designed on the same day of the tattoo appointment. With attention to detail, this allows her to measure you with precision and render your design with accuracy based on your aesthetic and natural anatomical flow and structure.

If you would like to book your tattoo appointment, please contact us here:

Other Inquiries 

Sarah is not only a tattoo artist extraordinaire, but also an illustrator, visual artist, model and musician. With all her multifaceted talent, she is open to commissioned artworks and designs, collaborations, exhibitions & more.

If you are interested in reaching out regarding anything other than a tattoo appointment, kindly contact us here: