Sarah Gaugler Snow Tattoo, Artist Extraordinaire

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The enigmatic Sarah Gaugler has become a prominent name in the tattoo industry owing to her exceptional skill, talent and fully customized tattoo design and creations. Snow Tattoo and Sarah Gaugler Fine Arts Studio presents her incredible and original tattoo styles for each of her clients. Sarah is located in a privately owned luxury tattoo studio in Tribeca New York where the affirmed female tattoo artist works her magic. As a female owned business Sarah Gaugler prides herself in her ability to deliver a unique tattoo design with her signature art line. Her personalized custom designed tattooing ensures that no two designs are the same!


Tattooing fine lines for 11 years, Sarah has developed an impressive background in the art and tattoo industry. She is one of the rare tattooists graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts having contributed to the development of her skills and innovative delivery. Her unique style of tattoos has gained incredible attention. Sarah’s tattoo style is unlike any other which is the reason why appointments are WORTH the waitlist. Snow Tattoo is a private studio in TriBeCa, New York where Sarah develops and applies her tattoo designs. Most depictions are best described as a free flowing style incorporating her signature line art & dot work. The popular female tattoo artist has sought inspiration for her tattoo concepts from the uniqueness of the snowflake. No two are alike which is the same outcome Sarah wishes to achieve in every tattoo she designs and creates for her clients.


Sarah Gaugler has proudly created an LGBTQ safe environment welcoming all her clients to experience the sophistication of her unique studio and tattooing designs. Snow Tattoo is considered a hidden gem located in Tribeca where celebrities secretly get their tattoos. Sarah Gaugler is recognized as the ONLY Upscale tattoo studio in NYC.


With her impressive designs and incredible reviews, more people are joining the waiting list to receive a truly unique tattoo. Sarah has the imagination and the ability to produce a completely personalized tattoo every client will cherish. All designing and tattooing are done on the day of the appointment.


Sarah Gaugler continues to impress with her incredible artistic abilities. Her tattoos are nothing short of phenomenal with the finest attention to every detail. She has a significant following on Instagram @sarahgaugler and has become an incredible and well-recognized female tattoo artist in the tattoo industry.